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Profit from the Medspa industry without the headaches

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Your spending

Unpredictable costs-lose you $


  • High turnover of injectors/practitioners, particularly the best trained and busiest providers
  • Expensive patient marketing that often leads to patient loyalty to the practitioner rather than the business
  • Continual capital equipment investment
  • Suboptimal prescription product pricing
  • Difficulty generating long term equity


  • Do not hire practitioners
  • Do not rely on or require patient acquisition
  • Incorporate large volume prescription product purchasing power
  • Do not require capital investment for energy based devices
  • Diversify revenue sources

Save money - fewer expenses


Real time report

Your revenue sources:

  • Room rental fees
  • Product wholesale margins with group buy-in
  • Device cost/use and consumables
  • Skincare margins and drop ship availability
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+ $28,900


+ $28,900


No more spa-hopping employee headaches

More benefits for owners

  • Hire 1 Employee vs. 10
  • 40 members renting your space vs. 10 employees
  • Reduce malpractice $$. Liability is in the hands of the provider
  • $0 spent on carrying skincare inventory and buy-in minimums
  • Earn $$ on Device usage vs. Investing $100,000’s in new technology
Pivot to a better business model

Large volume/prescription product buy-in

Integrated EMR for providers

Top of the line capital equipment with little or no upfront cost

Cloud medspa software

Ongoing education & training

Ongoing business support

The cloud medspa model a solution for owners & Providers
  • Offer a membership to interested practitioners. Members rent rooms and capital equipment by the hour, or other time blocks
  • Participate in Vansanity Medical Services (VMS) which purchases prescription products at high volume and a negotiated contract pricing
  • Owners are free to resell product to members at agreeable margin, yet competitively low prices to the members
  • Leverage VMS market share to negotiate placement of energy based devices paid for on a use or subscription basis
  • Work as solopreneurs, or in groups as they wish, branding their own business
  • Conduct their own marketing, social media, and referral programs to attract and retain patients
  • Retain complete control and flexibility over their time, treatment pricing, and patient interactions
  • Book hours and machines as needed through their smartphone app to meet patient treatment demands

Our Podcasts

Episode 32: The Cloud Movement with Ignacio Fanlo

This week in Episode 32, its The Cloud Movement with My Vansanity Founder & CEO, Ignacio Fanlo. Iggy comes from a long career spanning investment banking & tech. He was in Silcon Valley during the rise of the internet and the “dot com bubble,” and he’s founded and sold companies to the tech giants along the wayHe’s bringing the cloud concepts to aesthetics by giving Providers and Practice Owner the chance to use what they need, when they need it, and only pay for their utilization of Vansanity’s resources.

His company provides a one-stop-shop for Injectors to rent a fully stocked treatment room - medical supplies, product, energy devices- by the hour. There are in control of their own patients and marketing, and Vansanity helps them build their business with no up front capital!

That means, a Provider can pay $99 an hour plus the wholesale cost of whatever they use, and put the rest in their pocket!

With locations in Dallas and Boston, Injectors are quickly finding the option to work when they want, on demand, and only pay for what the need as a wildly profitable way to operate.

And now, Vansanity is also helping Practice owners to build the same model - use Vansanity’s resources, transition their practices to an on-demand model, and pay based on consumption!

It’s a concept that we all know- Air BnB, Uber, salon booth rental, electricity, and of course, the cloud!

Learn more: Vansanity Website: Vansanity Instagram: View less

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"Vansanity has given me the independence of owning my own practice...

Lara Simondi

“Since I have started at Vansanity, my business has expanded quickly...

Lisa Lopes

"Vansanity has given me the platform to do something I never imagined I'd do...

Meagan Pietrasiak

"Vansanity is a wonderful place to work and grow as an aesthetic provider!

Taylor D. Caparo

Vansanity was a concept I immediatly got and was grateful for!!

Sandra Lee Manley

“Vansanity has been very helpful with starting my aesthetic business.

Deanna Smith

"Vansanity provides me the ability to combine my passion for aesthetics

Jennie Winsper